From Fun To Formal

Recently, I was invited to a friend’s birthday party. This friend of mine has always loved to be extravagant and as such she decided that a formal cocktail and dinner party was perfect for her.

Since the event was formal, and knowing how much my friend likes dressing up, I immediately knew I’d have to go searching through my long evening dresses finding something suitable to wear. Alas, I had nothing, since she wanted to have a ‘black and white’ party. I didn’t have anything that fit the description.

Finally, after spending two hours struggling to choose between all the long evening dresses for sale, I found the perfect dress. It wasn’t too long, my feet were uncovered, and I fell completely in love with it.

Then the next problem made itself known. I didn’t have any shoes to go with my new dress. My new dress was black. I didn’t own any black dresses before because I like bright things and that extends to my shoe purchases. I knew I couldn’t wear my hot pink heels with such a sophisticated dress however.

My first instinct was to buy some black heels, but after talking to some of my fashion forward friends, they advised to get nude heels instead. I’m in love! This color combo might just be my new favorite. The nude makes me seem much more sophisticated than my neon shoes ever will, but I don’t have to look macabre by dressing in black from head to toe. Another plus, nude heels make legs look longer! Shoes in other colors cut the leg off, but nude heels blend in perfectly.